Welcome to Fraser River Outfitters

John & Kathy Sievers

Welcome to Fraser River Outfitters Vancouver Island, BC, Canada hunting concession. Located on Vancouver Islands rugged northwest coast and encompassing more than 3500 square miles, our island hunting concession is both the largest and the most remote in this region of the province of British Columbia. Endless coastline, mild winters and the abundance of habitat and feed are just some of the contributing factors in Vancouver Island’s unprecedented trophy quality. Boasting more than 50 salmon rivers with no competition from their larger cousin, the grizzly bear, Vancouver Island black bear populations thrive as do Roosevelt elk. Let the stunning scenery of Vancouver Islands beautiful coastline, lush temperate rain forests and towering alpine peaks all form the backdrop to this world class sportsman's destination.

Fraser River Outfitters Ltd is a second generation family run business, owned and operated by John & Kathy Sievers. For more than 35 years we have been committed to providing our clients a world class, fair chase hunting experience. Honesty and integrity is the foundation that we've built our business on and our guides are some of the most experienced and determined hunters in the industry. We run a small, personalized and professional operation in some of British Columbia's most game rich regions. Sound wildlife management practises, minimal hunting pressure and our knowledge of the areas in which we hunt, consistently allow our clients to take home trophy animals and have an unforgettable hunt of a lifetime.